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  • Info-Direkt
    Info-DIREKT is a magazine from Austria.
    It is published 6 times a year and is an important part of the alternative media landscape.
  • Sezession
    Sezession is more than a journal.
    This means working for or subscribing to the Sezession is a peculiar way to avow.

  • Recherche Dresden
    In a nutshell: We care about the economic development of Germany. Our economic culture is unbearably disregarded. The political and media elites of our country believe that we should all be guided by a global model of unity. We think that's wrong.

    Learn more: HOMEPAGE
  • Freilich

    FREILICH is a magazine from Austria. 
    It appears bimonthly.
    It encourages free discourse, it is partisan and controversial.