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  • Malenki
     Seen on Youtube, Instagram or at the recent action on the street. Alex Malenki unites identitarian activism, the instagram game and the east german redneck-lifestyle. Follow him on YouTube | Instagram | Twitter
  • wodan_tok
    Tribal life, mammoth hunt and other warlike conflicts. wodan_tok describes European pre-, early- and contemporary history in its own way. With post glacial cave painting.

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  • DotL0ki
    Seen on YouTube or Instagram, DotL0ki brings retrofuturism to life with his music and art.

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  • Chris Ares
    The famous patriot from Germany, Chris Ares is known for his rap music and honest-critical commentary videos on YouTube. Supports Chris Ares's contribution to the counterculture and follow him on FACEBOOK  | INSTAGRAM
  • Pi-NEWS
    Pi-NEWS is the "flagship" of independent reporting in Germany. With more than 100,000 visitors daily, PI has become a serious competitor to the mainstream press. Thanks to PI, millions of Germans have already emancipated themselves from the unified media and inform themselves without delay. PI stands for genuine freedom of expression and the whole truth! In today's world, these two values are the only real resistance in Merkel's Germany. From now on, all PI readers can face this resistance. With these products, you not only support Pi-NEWS but show the whole of Germany: Enough is enough - we want the whole truth!

  • This is Europa
    "This is Europa" is an independent pro-European online think tank from Sweden.

  • Ruhrpott Roulette
  • Unblogd