What you get from us is more than just merchandise. Phalanx Europa is the expression of a dream of a new Europe. In 2013 - the year of the patriotic awakening - the company was founded by Patrick Lenart and Martin Sellner. The claim was clear: the creation of a patriotic youth culture that is contemporary but stays true to their own roots, and carries a clear tidings.

Phalanx Europe stands for a consistently patriotic worldview. We love our own and respect the other. We have a story and a destiny! We wish that people who wear our brand, embody this spirit.

The founders Patrick Lenart and Martin Sellner are activists from the heart and soul. The creation of Phalanx Europe was a political act and wearing our clothes is too! Be brave, proud and show your face!

Everyone buying at Phalanx Europa is more than just a customer - you are a part of our story! That's why we want to stay in touch with you. Sign up to our newsletter and get information about current happenings.

Our vision has become even bigger, after many years and efforts. Not only have we managed to stand up against all attacks of our opponents, but we have been able to make the company grow. The small business became a functioning company with two young mothers as committed employees. And that, although many corporations refused to cooperate for flimsy reasons and we suffered the hardest repression. Show us with your purchase that the effort has been worthwhile. Not for us, but for the young patriotic artists we already support and whom we still want to support. For our home, for Europe, for freedom,
your team from Phalanx Europa

Martin Sellner is not only one of the founders of Phalanx Europa, but also a pioneer of patriotic video blogging. Meanwhile, he is one of the most famous activists ever and reaches patriots around the world.

Homepage: www.martin-sellner.at


YouTubeMartin Sellner

Patrick Lenart, founder of Phalanx Europa,  had a leading role in building the Identitarian Movement and is now the head of AK Nautilus. He is not only active as a blogger and creator, but he is also currently traveling around the world.



YouTubePatrick Lenart

Ingrid Weiss has been part of the Phalanx Europa team since 2018. The young mother and activist is not only known for her perfect mastery of Instagram, but also for her project "European Kitchen".



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