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Hoodie: Reconquista

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Many of you might not be aware of it, but Phalanx Europa is a project of desperate, jobless Students

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  • Many of you might not be aware of it, but Phalanx Europa is a project of desperate, jobless Students, lacking any science of management, or professional skills. The only thing we learned at university is how to write texts about everything. So at least we have to problem to create a deep and meaningful text for this slightly generic but very stylish design.

    1492 stands not only for the "discovery" of America but also for the Reconquista of the last part of Spain, that was occupied by the Moors.
    It took Europe more then 300 years to get it back and push the invaders back with all forces united.
    The modern Reconquista, that is still before us will take more then one year. But 1492 inspires us and gives us hope, cause it shows, that something that seemed as irreversible as the islamic occupied Spain, could indeed be reversed with willpower and time.'

    Also we see, that it always took and still takes a central turning point in the to and fro of europes broad field of battle. This turning point can start a chain of events that lead to a reconquista. 
    This shirts means "as far as this but not farther". It's a slow process of becoming aware that reaches a sudden climay. Just like the wave of spears that goes through the static phalanx of the sarissas, and turns them into a wall of pikes.

    And that's what this shirt stands for. 

  • Textilfarbe blau

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