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Hoodie: Pugna pro Patria

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Identitarians are also have to work and study, pay our debts, wait in long rows at government agencies.

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  • Identitarians are also have to work and study, pay our debts, wait in long rows at government agencies. You can spot us as securites, secretaries, librarians, at the callcenter, as paralegals, waiters, trainees, even at building sites. None of us is able to avoid that. On weekends and after work you can also find us at parties, in pubs and parks. But what characterizes and differentiates us from all the others: it´s not the center of our life.

    We know, that we cannot refuse that in total. Identitarians are no “dropouts”, dawdlers or lazybones.

    All this is just a marginal part of our existence. The center of our life is printed on this shirt: PVGNA PRO PATRIA - “Fight for the nation!”. The fight for our home, our city, our block, our Europe is the center of our life. Anything else is just a necessary side issue. Other than the career-obsessed “blooms”, we are above such things.

    We don't care for material things. We don't fear the upcoming catastrophes and unsettlings.

    The identitarian generation doesn't look for careers, but a future. The streets are our bureaus, our activism is our apprenticeship. Our curriculum vitae are no boring enumerations of diplomas and traineeships. They are adventurous roller coasters that you can assemble from googled Antifa-Pages, newspaper articles and manifestation videos. Pugna Pro Patria – thats is how identitarians title their course of life.

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